International Indigenous Governance Conference

The conference is focusing on the theme of ‘Self-determination through Self-Governance’.  AIGI believes that effective and culturally legitimate governance is the fundamental building block for delivering real change. Nations and Organisations with good governance practices are able to improve the daily lives of individuals and families in the community.  Culture sits at the heart of Indigenous governance. For thousands of years, the world’s oldest continuous living culture has been making decisions that benefit the whole community. The success of these organisations lies in the continual evolution of culturally informed governance solutions. This is a living breathing process - reviewing, reshaping and renewing - as circumstances change.

The conference will provide a timely opportunity to engage in crucial conversations relating to Indigenous governance and to share ideas and perspectives from First Nations people across the globe.

The themes that will be addressed through the programme will include;

  • Nation Building
  • Indigenous Governance Excellence
  • Effective Alliances
  • Economic Development
  • Women in Governance
  • Succession Planning
  • Innovation
  • Sustainability and Success
  • Dispute Resolution

The conference will draw together researchers, government, corporate sector, and Indigenous organisations and communities to influence and exchange knowledge/experiences to support Indigenous governance and development for the future.

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