Australian Indigenous Governance Masterclass

Common Roots, Common Futures: Indigenous Pathways to Self-Determination


Common Roots, Common Futures (CRCF) is an international Indigenous governance network with a practice and applied research agenda which was established in 2012 by leading practitioners and stakeholders from the CANZUS countries (Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United States of America).

An important outcome of the latest Common Roots workshop in Brisbane 2017 was the recommendation that each CANZUS country undertake an audit of the kinds of governance education and training available to Indigenous nations and communities, primarily focusing on the Indigenous, organisational, tertiary, government and non-government sectors. In response, AIGI has developed a template for the purpose of documenting the results, conducted a preliminary audit, and produced the ‘Preliminary Report into Indigenous Governance Education and Training’.

Our short and long terms findings are also available in spreadsheets here.

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