2018 Indigenous Youth in Governance Masterclass 

in November 2018 The Australian Indigenous Governance Institute (AIGI) held a Indigenous Youth in Governance Masterclass in partnership with The Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies (AIATSIS) and Reconciliation Australia (RA).

This Masterclass connected, educated and promoted Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people aged 18 to 35 who are or hope to be active in the business of governance locally, regionally and nationally. This event helped build the knowledge and skills of young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in the field of governance.

Below is a video of some interviews taken throughout the day providing feedback on the Indigenous Youth in Governance Masterclass from 2018.

The Australian Indigenous Governance Institute held an event in July 2018 with International speakers talking about ‘The Future of Self-Governance and Self- Determination: let’s have a conversation.
featured are:

– Bhiamie Williamson, Project Officer at Australian Indigenous Governance Institute

– Else Grete Broderstadd, professor in Indigenous Studies as well as an academic coordinator for the Master’s program in Indigenous Studies at the University of TromsØ in Norway.
– Dalee Dorough, associate professor in the Department of political science at the university of Alaska
– Michelle Deshong, CEO of the Australian Indigenous Governance Institute

2014 Indigenous Governance Awards Finalists video interviews

The Indigenous Governance Awards highlight numerous examples of culture-smart, adaptive and practically effective governance arrangements supporting sustainable change. At the 2014 Awards, AIGI filmed interviews with representatives of the Finalist organisations discussing their governance experiences.

These have been edited into topical clips, which feature in the Indigenous Governance Toolkit and on our Youtube Chanel. Here is a short clip of interview highlights. 

Featured are:
– Professor Mick Dodson, Chair of the Indigenous Governance Awards
– Phil Rist, Girringun Aboriginal Corporation
– Muriel Bamblett, Victorian Aboriginal Child Care Agency 
– Stacey Petterson and Regina Ashwin, Wiluna Muntjiltjarra Wurrgumu Group
– Adrian Carson, Institute for Urban Indigenous Health 
– Philomena Hunter and Janet Gallagher, Ngnowar Aerwah Aboriginal Corporation
– April Martin, Waltja Tjutangku Palyapayi Aboriginal Corporation
– Angela Frost, The Marruk Project

AIGI and AIATSIS Indigenous Governance Development Forum: Mapping Current and Future Research and Resource Needs


An Indigenous Governance Forum was hosted by the Australian Indigenous Governance Institute (AIGI) and the Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies (AIATSIS) on 29th – 30th July 2014.

The Background Paper, which included information from the pre-forum survey, was distributed to participants. Here is a link to the Indigenous Governance Forum Background Paper.


A report presenting the forum proceedings, titled Building Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander governance: report of a forum to map current and future research and practical resource needs, was published in June 2015. The report provides a synthesis of ideas, comments, issues and possibilities identified through the survey and the forum. Here is a link to the Building Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander governance report.

Prof. Mick Dodson - Indigenous Governance Forum Interview


During the Forum participants were interviewed about the importance and value of Indigenous governance. These interviews can be accessed on the AIATSIS website by clicking on the image to the left. 


Terri Janke & Company Lawyers and Consultants: Law Way – Indigenous Business and the Law

The Law Way Program is a series of online videos produced by Terri Janke & Company intended as a guide to business and law.

Law Way – Governance addresses the importance of governance to business. The video outlines the need to ensure that governance documents are kept up to date and in line with current laws, organisational objectives and structural changes.

Law Way – Commercial Contracts addresses different types of commercial contracts and the role of contracts in business relations. The video focuses on understanding the key terms of contracts and negotiating changes.


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