Collective Impact

The Australian Indigenous Governance Institute (AIGI) is a unique, ground-breaking initiative committed to ongoing development of resources, expanding the governance knowledge base, creating networks and mentoring opportunities, while taking care not to duplicate existing services.

AIGI is committed to establishing partnerships, and forming strategic alliances with existing service providers and research instutituions to achieve our core objectives, and generate a more integrated collective impact across the wider Indigenous governance arena.

These ‘collective impact’ relationships include:

  • program alliances, including collaborating on specific projects;
  • knowledge partnerships, including sharing of information and collaborative research activities;
  • strategic relationships, including high-level advocacy pieces and enhanced dialogue;
  • strategic partnerships have been identified in AIGI’s business plan.

AIGI welcomes opportunities to cooperate and collaborate and partner with companies, organisations and individuals who align with AIGI’s core values whilst delivering on its objectives and goals. 

Please contact our CEO Michelle Deshong on 0436 193 662 if you would like to explore how we could work together to deliver effective and legitimate Indigenous governance on the ground.


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