Our Vision

We envision a future Australia where Indigenous nations can pursue and exercise their right to self-determination and economic development through strong self–governance. We know that practical, effective and culturally legitimate governance is the fundamental building block for delivering real change.

AIGI seeks to realise this change by assisting Indigenous nations—whether their members live in remote, rural or urban settings—in their efforts to determine and strengthen their own sustainable systems of self-governance.

We are passionate about working alongside Indigenous nations to develop their  communities, restore economic prosperity, improve the daily lives of their families, inspire the leadership of youth, and bring a renewed sense of cultural integrity and well-being to their people. We call this approach to governance: ‘nation building’.

AIGI fulfils this vision by operating as a national centre of governance excellence, to connect Indigenous Australians to world-class governance practice, informing effective policy, providing accessible research, disseminating stories that celebrate outstanding success and solutions, and delivering professional training and development programs to meet the self-determined governance needs of Indigenous people.

A key resource in this work is the Indigenous Governance Toolkit. The Toolkit  is an online resource developed for Indigenous nations, communities, individuals and organisations searching for information to build their governance. It covers all the basics – rules, values, culture, membership, leadership, and decision making – and has many examples of ideas that work from other groups, tools to help people get started, and useful guidance to sustain their efforts.

Strategic Agenda

The key role of AIGI will be to deliver this vision by:

  • Leveraging research and on-the-ground practice to develop a knowledge base that fosters, encourages and highlights effective Indigenous governance.
  • Mentoring, coaching and supporting Indigenous groups, individuals and organisations over the long-term to build their governance capacity.
  • Leading sector-wide collaboration and independently collaborating with networks and partners to develop practical, culturally-informed governance tools and resources.
  • Facilitating and implementing training and education within communities and regions.
  • Leading advocacy for policy debate and change regarding Indigenous governance.

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